We create interactive prototypes to establish great user flows

We put a huge emphasis on digital planning when we start any project, to make sure we create a user journey that is logical we start with prototyping.

After we have established and agreed the information architecture, the next step would be to create low fidelity prototypes through wireframes. This stage of our planning process is critical in developing the user flow, so really making sure that content and call to actions (CTAs) are in the right place to guide users to complete the tasks we want them to.


Through creating wireframes we can quickly establish what the website is going to look like in its most basic form, very early in the project. Also it makes sure that the functionality of the website is crystal clear, and gives the opportunity to make any major changes before a lot of work has been completed.

We regularly work from comprehensive technical specification documents, and we find that creating wireframes is a quick and easy solution to visualise this for clients. Making them interactive is a great way to gather feedback and increase the speed of the project further down the line in creative, as a lot of content and functionality will of already been discussed and agreed.