Positioning and Messaging

Many companies overlook the importance of brand planning. We produce our best work when we can fully immerse ourselves in your business, by understanding your mission, future business objectives and values in terms of what customers truly care about, can we then position your brand for success.

Brand positioning & messaging

In our brand strategy workshops we look first at positioning. Brand positioning is how you clearly differentiate your brand in the eyes of your customer, to assist them in making a choice. Price point, focus group insight and future business objectives all play a part in defining this positioning strategy.

From covering this we then look at messaging, this looks at the tone of voice of the brand will use and really focusses on communicating your brand message clearly and efficiently. It takes a matter of seconds to form an opinion and impression so it’s key to get it right from the start. Strap lines and positioning statements are a great way of establishing the brand message, helping unify the brand at every customer touchpoint.

We carry out workshops covering positioning and messaging right through to brand design and development which are built on solid strategies. Get in touch with us if you want to talk about how we can help redefine or develop your brand positioning and messaging.