Information Architecture

Culminating user goals with a content structure to maximise results

We can’t stress the importance of planning at the beginning of any web project.

For us it all starts with focussing on the information architecture, we organise your content and put it into a site structure that will make the website perform as effective as possible. The main goal at this stage is thinking about how the user will want to access and use the website, so the content must fit to form a platform whereby a user can easily find information and complete tasks.

Why it matters?

Setting the website structure is key because the user needs to be guided in a logical and meaningful manner, if for any reason they don’t know where they are or where to find content, they are likely to leave. We also back up the architecture of any web project by implementing a sound user interface design.

Information architecture for SEO

Planning the structure of the website for SEO in many web projects is key, getting traffic to your website is great, but directing them to what they really want to find is better. We are used to structuring web platforms with this in mind by building hard-working landing pages, to really soak up all those visitors.

Impression did a fantastic job of delving deep into our customer mindset, then translating those needs & requirements into a well planned web platform