Tips to increase e-commerce sales

Good design

A simple design will lead to a better consumer experience.  The design must be aesthetically pleasing to a customer and give the user a quick route to the area of the site they maybe interested in viewing/shopping. Using call call to action buttons through the site is a great way to push certain product and areas of the website that you are keen to promote.Creating a brand that users will buy into long term will only encourage users to return to your website and promote your website via their social media.

Promoting Products on the Home Page

Products must be promoted on the home page so the customer is instantly transported into a purchasing mood/area.  This should lead to products selling even if this was not the browsers original intention.Keeping your home page main banners will also keep your site updated and fresh. No one like re-visiting an ecommerce website that never changes! Promote your latest products and special offers on your home page.

Create a Brand Image

A certain lifestyle element must be incorporated into the online store.  This therefore means that customers are not simply visiting the website to purchase items but also as something they enjoy doing.  This creates a brand image within a customer’s mind that they are willing to buy into.  For example offering more information about the product you are selling compared with rival websites.  Offering links to other websites such as a fashion blog for a clothing website will add an extra dimension to your online store.

Product Categorisation

Products must be categorised properly so the customer can easily progress through the items they desire.  For example categorising the product type and style down the side of a clothing webpage can greatly encourage the customer to purchase products and help with customer retention.  An easy to navigate homepage is important so customers are able to find the product they are looking for in a few clicks.  A good example of this is the Amazon one click policy.  Image quality is important as customers need to be able to see what they are buying in detail.  If a product does not match what it has looked like online this could lead to a negative review.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are very important as many online retailers are now ensuring that review not only show on the product details page but they are also shared to Facebook and Twitter creating free advertising for your online store or a specific product.  A simple reviewing basket during the checkout process is best as customers are not always willing to spend more than a minute after they have purchased an item.  Displaying existing reviews of products is important as the customer will be given more insight into the product they are considering purchasing.

Social Media

Social Media is important as it is handing power back to consumers, it gives them the ability to either be positive or negative about an online store within minutes of first venturing online.  Facebook and Twitter are the most important social media outlets as most people have an account on one of these platforms.  Sharing features should be placed in different areas of the website to ensure maximum opportunity for customers to share their experience.  Videos are important as they give the platform for a website to go viral very easily, this will result in more traffic to a website.Provide special offers on your social media platforms.  Innocent Smoothies Twitter allows customers to retweet their offers and in return gives customers offers they can use in a supermarket.  If you find disgruntled customers airing their opinion on social media outlets contact them and resolve their problems.  This should result in them telling the ‘socialmediasphere’ about their experience.  Use URL links like as they give good analytics and it enables you to see how many users are clicking on your link.


Advertising is important.  It is something expensive but spending money to make more money makes sense.  Create an app as they are considered the new form of advertising.  Do simple things such as PPC on Google to create more traffic through to your website.Facebook advertising for the right ecommerce business is a very targeted and direct form of online advertising as you take your brand directly to user in your target market.

Model Success

Ensure that you find a niche and stick to it.  This means you will not have to compete with large established outlets.   Offer something extra such as a repair service, this will ensure customers retuning as they do not have to shop around for different aspects of purchasing a product.  Make the actual purchasing part is smooth and easy to follow.  Many online shoppers desert their cart if they are confused by the payment area.  If it is easy they are sure to be repeat customers.

Marketing your ecommerce business

Google Analytics – this is key in monitoring the performance of your website and can help to shape your online marketing strategy.-          If you’re not getting any hits – you’re strategy needs to be to increase hits-          If your site is receiving plenty of hits but no sales – you need to look at increasing the conversion rates and speak to a designer about why you’re not converting sales-          You’re website is going really well but never get repeat custom – you need to focus on increasing customer retention and increasing your contact with customers.

Search Engine Optimisation

This area is often naively overlooked by too many ecommerce start ups. There’s little point in having a stunning ecommerce website if no one can find you! If you need to increase the number of hits on your website, you need to focus on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This is done using a variety of different specialist methods such as great content and blogging, Link Building, Social Media, on page optimisation etc… We have transformed the fortunes of many online businesses so please get in touch to discuss what we can do for your business. 

Email Marketing / Send e-newsletter

Email marketing is one of the most undervalued forms on online marketing. It is very cost effective and has high conversation rates.Every E-Commerce site should really have an E-Newsletter, especially if your strategy is for customer retention and increasing repeat business. 

Submit your products to Google Shopping

You may have seen the Google ‘shopping’ results – this is a great way for customers to find your products! First you need to submit a database of your products to Google so that it can add them to its results.  
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