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Interning at Impression

Historically we’ve not taken on interns despite the large number that apply with Impression each year; however this summer it’s been hard to ignore the influx of talent looking for that taste of agency experience.

You hear horror stories of interns being made to pack 100’s of envelopes and make cups of tea; we wanted to create an experience to set up individuals for working in real agency life and actually learn skills that’ll make them more employable.

We’ve never understood why universities or colleges don’t provide any practical experience. Students come to us with fantastic results and know the theory of everything their course demands – but lack any experience working on live briefs, practical knowledge of Google’s marketing platforms, the ability to analyse data, prototyping websites… the list goes on. Interning at Impression is a fast paced and steep learning curve experience, with ongoing training and the chance to work on live client projects.

Our most recent design intern is Kayleigh, a student from Central Saint Martins, who has just completed her internship at Impression. She approached us after searching for digital agencies around the Leeds area. We instantly loved her style and knew she had the type of talent we look for in a creative.


My experience as a design intern

Having recently graduated from university with a degree in graphic design I was unsure about what route to take next but I was given the opportunity to intern as a designer at Impression.

From day one I was given live briefs to work on and this really let me experience what the job was all about. Not once was I assigned busy work and coffee runs were a shared duty. I only worked on real tasks for real clients and I was held to the same high standards as the rest of the team meaning I never felt like just an intern. My tasks included branding, wireframing (something that I hadn’t learnt before) and designing infographics. Not only did I learn some valuable new skills but also got exposure to different areas of design and how to run a design agency.

Within the agency communication is a key element to creating a fun and comfortable environment for sharing ideas and creativity. The designers and developers work hand-in-hand and this was really beneficial to me as a designer to see how a project is formed from the beginning all the way to the final outcome. The agency was so much more than beautiful websites, they developed a unique identity that’s custom to each client and this really helped me understand the importance of spending time with the client to learn about their goals and expectations.

“A 9-5 job doesn’t have to suck”

One of the best things I can take away from my time at Impression is that a 9-5 job doesn’t have to suck when everyone is passionate about what they do and you can have a laid-back, not too serious vibe while still getting the job done to an exceptional standard. Charlie and the team were all so friendly and made me look forward to coming back the next day. (Having dogs in the office helps too!)

Setting the standards

Overall my internship has better prepared me for life after uni and as far as finding a job at a design agency I love goes, Impression have set the standards pretty high!

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