Reflections of an Intern: Olivia Johnston

Careers advisors at school and university have always emphasised the importance of having relevant work experience. So, when faced with a 3-month long summer after my first year at university, I thought it’d be best to find an internship in an area I planned to have my career in.Within my degree I specialise in marketing, but as an academic subject you tend to learn about marketing theories and so in reality I had very little experience of actually ‘doing’ marketing. However, all this changed when I started working at Impression.

Over the 8 weeks I spent at Impression I experienced so much of digital marketing. From social media, to blog writing, from SEO and PPC to website analysis. I would write down every time I learnt something new, so I worked out that throughout my time there I gained a total of 25 new skills. I think this demonstrates how Impression put the effort to provide real-life experience of working in a digital marketing agency, not doing hypothetical work or simple admin tasks. For me this was invaluable as not only did it mean I gained more skills and experience, but it also helped me make decisions on where I want to take my career.

My work wasn’t confined to the office either. In fact, on my very first day I was in a client meeting tasting a variety of vegan lattes. I also attended several client meetings, which allowed me to see how the different stages of projects and how they developed.

Working at Impression has also made me so much more confident in my own abilities. I feel I’m now able to tackle new tasks such as putting together a marketing proposal or setting up direct emails. I wouldn’t describe it as ‘being thrown in the deep end’ though, as I always felt comfortable to ask questions when I wasn’t sure and Charlie, Aimee and the team were always more than happy to help and offer as much advice as they could.

After my internship I felt that for the first time I had skills and knowledge that differentiated me to my peers and I enjoyed explaining to people what I learned at work. I genuinely looked forward to go to work each morning and was proud of the work I achieved.

The idea of leaving university and having to get a job fills most students with dread, but the working over the summer has actually made me excited for my career prospects. I couldn’t recommend gaining experience at an agency like Impression enough.






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