PPC Top Tips – Google Pay Per Click Advertising Top 10 Tips

Managing large scale PPC campaigns can be quite time consuming at points with thousands of keywords, writing new adCopy and continually optimising accounts.


Our Pay Per Click top tips – PPC top tips

1. Always include the search query in the title of your adCopy. This will increase the CTR.

2. Include a call to action within your adCopy i.e. Buy Now; Get a Quote, Shop Online and Book Now.

3. Use capitals within your AdCopy, Capitalise focus words to gain the attention of the customer.

4. Utilise the Display URL to highlight the keyword once again i.e. if the keyword or group is focusing on Shirts use www.test.com/Shirts

5. Don’t just send people through to the home page; send them to the landing page for that keyword. Remember the make it as easy for the customer as possible, if they are searching for shirts then send them to the shirts page on the site. This will improve your Quality Score as well as conversion rate. Failing this create landing pages for this purpose.

6. Write more than one ad per group, test your ads and keep creating new adverts replacing the one with the lowest CTR to increase visitors to the site. Remember also that CTR is not always the most important thing; one ad may convert better but have a lower CTR. It all depends what the purpose of the campaign is.

7. Make sure you have conversion tracking in place; this can be set up in the Reporting section of AdWords and is a must in order to qualify the success of the campaign and calculate your ROI.

8. Utilise the Google opportunities to widen your keyword list, Google will give you suggestions for keywords once your campaign has been live for a while. You don’t have to use all the keywords that are suggested but sometimes there may be some you haven’t thought of yet.

9. Split test different landing pages, you can use the Google optimiser for this. This will enable you to test different copy, imagery and in turn will help you understand what will convert for you.

10. Use negative keywords so that you don’t appear for search terms that are not relevant to you. This will keep costs down and will filter out traffic that is unlikely to be of value to you.
Some of these are basic to do’s for any PPC campaign so remember, your aim is to create high conversion PPC ads and landing pages. That’s the purpose and the point of the campaigns. So structure your campaign, monitor it, research your keywords, utilise the tools available to you and be specific in your goals, also make sure you have the correct tracking in place to measure the success of your campaigns and never be afraid to test things.

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