New website launch: Yankee Pop

This week we have launched a new ecommerce website for Yankee Pop an importer of American Candy and American Soda. Impression design studio carried out the branding / logo design for the new brand and then design of the ecommerce website.

The new website is built on the powerful Magento ecommerce platform. We're soon to start work to develop the a new smart phone application for Yankee Pop to allow their customers regular updates, product offers and fast easy ordering. Keep a look out!

It was important the website had an American themed design to represent the company and the products it's selling.

american themed website design

The key area of the site is obviously the online store to purchase the products. The store has a lovely large grid design showing off the product imagery well and a easy to use sub navigation that sub categorieses the products for quick location of products.

The checkout process is also nice styled and the website uses the Sagepay payment gateway for fast card payment processing.

candy website design

The client's online marketing strategy is focused heavily on social media and keeping their customers upto date with latest offers and interest blog posts was vital to them.

Yankee pop website designer

We're really pleased how this ecommerce website is looking and we also have a very happy client! As always we'd love to hear your comments so fire away! Also take a look around the website, they sell some yummy American sweets!

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