Is your website mobile optimised?

When a potential client approaches us to create a new website we always advise them to have their website designed responsive for smart phones and tablets. We have always said that by having a responsively designed site they are future proofing their site for the future and keeping up with current trends. By not having your site designed with other media in mind you are reducing your traffic and visitor base significantly. As we move into Spring of 2014 the responsive web design trend is becoming more and more popular, below we list the top four reasons why every site should be build responsively!
1. Google:
Back in 2012 Google released a statement that confirmed they thought responsive design was the best practice for websites that wanted to be smart-phone optimised. They also recommended that all websites should be build with the use of responsive design as this makes it easier for them to crawl the site and index website content. This in turn will increase your Google ranking.

2. SEO Campaigns

Some companies still have two websites, using the second one for mobile devices. With responsive design this is not necessary, so with one website you will only need One SEO Campaign. Running one SEO campaign instead of two will provide you with a instant edge over competitors. This will also dramatically decrease your SEO costs as well as increasing your results. If you invest the same amount of time into the one site, then results will much more effective. All links will be directed towards one website instead of two and opromotion will be more successful. To hear more about our SEO services click here:
3. Future Proofing
As technological trends change mobile only websites are becoming more and more difficult to manage and update. Time and money will have to be dedicated to keep a mobile site up to scratch. By designing a site responsively it will come with low maintenance and a longer shelf life. As different media devices are introduced into the market, your site will still be able to adapt, unlike mobile only sites and other variations that have been popular in the past. By future proofing your website you are saving the time and money that competitors may have to spend if they haven't been as intuitive as you!

4. Return on Investment

A non-responsive website will be less appealing to potential customers and clients than a responsive one. In order to target the maximum about of traffic possible, respnsive design is necessary. If potential clients are browing the internet on a tablet and your site is not easily viewable, they will quickly move onto a competitor site that is responsive. More traffic and being able to appeal to a larger audience than your competitors will increase your chances of conversations.
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