Is Your Website Generating Enough Business?

If you don’t think your website is generating you new business this can be attributed down to a few key areas:

Google Search

  • You are not high enough in the Google search page - 80% of people click on the first three results on the Google search page.  Being higher up the Google list without spending silly money on advertising is much easier than you think.  So how can I achieve this?  It can be helped with a good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service.
 If you want to attract long-term traffic to your site, then you need to be running a clear and concise optimisation campaign that will bring you targeted traffic.There are four main steps in achieving high rankings in the organic listings in the search engines for your business.1. The 1st step is Keyword Research - the most important factor when starting any SEO campaign. This is the research of what keyword are right for your business and will generate you a high level of traffic and a high quality of traffic.2. The 2nd Step is Competitor Analysis – Finding out exactly what type of campaigns your competitors are running, and what keywords they are targeting is key to any SEO campaign. It will also help you to stay one step ahead of your competitors.3. The 3rd step is On-Page Optimisation - optimising each page of your website, making sure the search engines can easily understand what each page of your site is about is a crucial part of an SEO campaign. Most of our clients don’t have the basic foundations in place when having a website design and built. This is all about laying the foundations for a great site that the search engines will understand.4. The 4th and final step is Off-Page Optimisation – Launching an inbound link campaign that focuses on quality, high value links directly related to the content of your site. The keyword here is quality! We’ve seen many many times over the years of clients will thousands of inbound links but of poor quality and this can be detrimental to search engine ranking. Elements such as anchor text of an inbound link has to be right, social media link building, guest blogging are all part of a well balanced off page optimisation campaign.By generating a large number of high quality links, Google will slowly start to recognise that you’re an authority on the particular keywords you’re trying to promote and then they will start to rank you in the search engines for this and other related terms. Without this there is no chance of your website climbing the Google search list and your business will remain in the Stone Age!

Website Navigation

Is your website is hard to navigate around?  Website navigation is so important.  For example if you were in a supermarket for the first time but there were no signs displaying where each product was you would walk straight out of that supermarket.  The attention span of online searching is extremely similar.  Most people want an instant result when they click on a webpage and if this is not delivered then they will search elsewhere.  Ask an average internet user to navigate around your page and get them to critique yours, if there are no problems then there are no problems, however most webpages could do with been made easier to navigate around.  This problem is so easy to rectify with the correct navigation tools implemented in your website, avoid them at your peril! 



Competitor’s websites are simply better.  When was the last time you decided to give your competitors a really good going over, and not just a brief glance?  This really is a task you should carry out more regularly in order to keep up and even though this is a very simple task it is imperative.  If your website is lacking in an element that your competitors has in abundance then obviously potential customers will opt to use a competitor. You must also realise that your competitors will be looking at you.  Your website must be able to offer something your competitors do not have, whether it’s a blog, games, twitter or sparkly background ensure you stand out from the crowd!  A newsletter is an excellent way at retaining customers because the customer feels they are getting something for free, yes they may purchase something from you once but you must make that single sale into customer retention.

Say What You Do!

There are so many cases of business websites that fail to specify what their core products/services actually are!  Look at your own website from an outsider’s position as while yes you know what services you provide but do everyone else?  If not then it is obvious that your website needs a bit of work to be done on it, and no this type of activity is not expensive in the slightest and surely will be worth the extra traffic and sales! 
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