How To Break Into Influencer Marketing

Some of the most exciting online marketing behaviour rests on how much we’re placing faith in ‘regular’ people, over celebrities, for product or service endorsements.

Across the board, statistics show that influencers (bloggers, vloggers and podcasters) are beating other routes to consumers.

In a 2017 study, 28% of marketing managers believed influencer marketing to be the fastest-growing online acquisition method, driving investment into partnerships with individuals who have the ability to influence a large, engaged digital audience.

There’s never been a better time to explore these tactics for yourself. But how should you go about it? Let us point you in the right direction:

Don’t spread yourself too thinly

Successful individuals have built their reputation on honesty and sincere values – their followers don’t want to feel as if an endorsement is undercutting that truth. The influencer should be passionate about what you do, and be able to show it.

Therefore, it’s better to focus on a handful of close, mutually beneficial relationships in lieu of chasing a wide number of prospects. If the influencer is at the top of their game, they’ll be used to waving off sponsorship offers. Spend time getting to know them and their personality to make your suggestion more attractive.

Give them control of your social media

Takeover campaigns can create a huge buzz for a brand: ‘Here, on X date at Y time, our promotional partner will be taking over our Instagram/Twitter/Facebook feed.’ Think of it as a guest editorial, placing social accounts in the hands of your influencer. There are few more seamless ways to tie their voice to yours: each post, reply and share will bring your brands closer in-line with one another.

By promoting the event will in advance, you maximise the reach and engagement of a takeover campaign. Some companies go a step further by crafting a single promotional social feed for key influencers. During 2017, asos_ashley has been picking up attention on Instagram – it’s been masterminded by ASOS, who have chosen to give their media partner a solo platform to exhibit his fashion tastes.

Consider giveaways and competitions

Influencers like to reward their followers. As such, it pays to give them the resources to be generous. This may take the form of a free gift, touted by the influencer themselves before a competition is launched to see who earns it through tags, recommendations and/or photo shares.

Very quickly, your brand will be at the centre of online dialogue. The influencer can remind people when the deadline is going to pass, as well as touting their own experiences with a complementary offer you’ve bestowed. Together, these elements make for a great marketing strategy – you can whet the consumer appetite, see how they respond, and gain a magnanimous image.

As influencer relationships develop, they can take almost any shape for continued interest. The team at Impression are experts at sourcing and nurturing influencers in today’s business landscape. Call us to explore what could happen with the perfect approach to branding that people trust.

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