How important is PR to fashion?

Fashion is a multi-billion pound world wide industry but how big a role does public relations play in the world of haute couture?






Anyone who follows the big designers will already have an idea of how much they invest in PR. Their shows are supported by teams of PR professionals, each running around energetically and helping create a buzz about the collection.

Of course, many start-up fashion brands can’t afford to hire a PR agency. Could that be why the established players dominate the media coverage at events such as London Fashion Week?

It must be frustrating for new designers who know their work is as good as the big boys but can’t seem to break through into the fashion pages of the glossies.

Through the use of PR a fashion business can have a considerable competitive advantage, they can attract new customers, investors, and achieve growth.

It is the job of the PR to understand the needs and goals of their clients, with the budget that is available, therefore creating plenty of media coverage to help the fashion company succeed.

London is a city that has become greatly associated with the fashion industry. There are numerous events taking place in London every year, with London’s Fashion Week (LFW) being the top event that fashionistas, brands and designers are striving to be a part of.

There are hundreds of events during LFW – all vying for a limited amount of media attention. Not every fashion event is able to get this recognition.

Designers and labels need PR. Without it they would struggle to establish their brand values in the minds of their target consumers and the wider fashion industry.

Fashion PRs work closely with designers undisputedly shaping and forming the success of the company. As positive brand awareness is generated through public word of mouth, PR is considered highly valuable for businesses as it offers positive coverage without advertising.

Public relations is fundamentally a way of enforcing a good perception of a company, encouraging the reader and potential customer to believe that the company or product is of high quality.

It is the role of the Public Relations to create a positive shared perception of the business – which will give the fashion company a boost and help it reach its goals so much sooner.

It’s something all successful designers understand – and the reason why an increasing number of unproven fashion labels are investing in a Public Relations strategy even before they’ve launched their first collection.



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