How do you turn a website design into a persuasive ecommerce website?

When designing an ecommerce website you need to think about the client, products and customers. The hardest thing to do in design, is turning the ecommerce design into a persuasive design making the visitors stay longer on the site and transforming the visitors into customers.See below six tips to turn your ecommerce website into a persuasive one:•    Accuracy: The homepage should answer some immediately answer the questions, what is the website about? What can I do on the website? What is there to stay for? And most importantly, will I get the information I need?•    Visual Allure: The homepage needs to be appealing whilst being clear and simple. The ‘look’ of the website is more recognised than the user experience. Most people are aware of what an ecommerce website looks like, so it cannot be too far from the norm, it needs to look familiar and easy to use.•    Strong visual hierarchy: Feature products and images need to be large to draw attention to the important things to the site. If you include call-to-action buttons then often choosing a single bold colour will make these stand out.•    Keep attention at all costs: When uploading images to the website, life images tend to captivate the audience more. Real people smiling and making eye-contact often has a more positive effect rather than using an image from stock photography.•    Functionality: You must decide the function of each webpage and make this clear to the visitor. Too many functions for one page can get overwhelming, stick to one or two actions per page for your audience, the customer needs to be taken on a journey through your website, not just visiting one page and leaving.•    And finally…..unexpected and unusual copy and images makes your site stand out from competitors. As long as you ensure whatever you decide to add to your website is relevant to your brand then be imaginative!y1pa11LLPNGTITPNG yankfullcheesefull
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