Googles Ranking Factors

Have you ever wondered how your website gets to the top of Google and what Google look for within your website?Google recently confirmed that they use over 200 ranking signals in their algariums, we have categorised these signals into 10 different factors and provided you with a few examples of each one:google2Domain Factors
  • Domain Registration Length -  Google recognises that the longer a domain is registered for, the more legitimate the domain
  • Include your Keyword in your top level domain – it all helps!
  • Domain History – if your domain has had several different users in the past this could affect rankings
Page-Level Factors
  •  Use bullet points and numbered lists if your website has a lot of written content, this makes the site more user friendly and will be picked up by Google
  • Duplicate Content – If you have any duplicated content within your website it will negatively affect your Google ranking
  • Broken Links – If your website includes broken links, Google may recognise this as your website been neglected or no longer used – again negatively affecting your Google rankings
Site-Level Factors 
  • Server location – this may influence your rankings, especially over different geographical regions
  • Site Uptime – try to avoid you site being taken down for updates and maintenance
  • Install and SSL Certificate! Google loves them!
Backlink Factors
  • Avoid adding links that don’t link to anywhere
  • Add links throughout the site that contain keywords in the title, these get picked up by Google
  • Larger the link content the more valuable the link is
broken linksUser Interaction
  • Direct traffic is a big positive for Google and makes your site more likely to rank higher
  • If your site allows comments, the more the merrier
  • Is your site book marked by your customers and visitors? If so, this will improve rankings
Special Algorithm Rules
  • Try and use a local server instead of one abroad, it will help to improve your ranking
  • Avoid curse words and adult content on your website, some search engines will block this content and affect your ranking
Social Signals
  • Are people tweeting your pages! More tweets the higher the ranking!
  • Facebook shares act just like backlinks – the more you have the better your ranking
  • Create a Google+ page
Brand Signals
  • Submit stories to Google news, or even have a Google news feed within your site
  • Create an official LinkedIn Company page describing the company and services you provide
On-Site Webspam Factors
  • Avoid pop-ups and adverts from your site
  • Try and avoid links through to loan or spam websites
  • Write original content for your website, don’t use somebody else’s! Google doesn’t like auto generated text
Off Page Webspam Factors
  • Don’t use an ‘offshore’ SEO company that will just flood the internet with bad links – Google doesn’t like people trying to cheat the system
  • Don’t add links to your site that use the same IP address, Google recognises this as blog network link building and doesn’t like it!
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