Do you need help in deciding which company to use to develop your Magento website?

Magento launched in 2008 and quickly became one of the leading open source ecommerce solutions in the market. We think Magento is a perfect choice to build a ecommerce website of the highest performance and standard.

We have thought of five questions you need to ask yourselves before you hire a Yorkshire Magneto Development Company:1. Has the company had experience in Magento website development?You will need to find out if the company have worked with Magento before on ecommerce projects. This website is normally easily found on their websites, it is often helpful to have a look at their live projects as well, to see what the final outcome looks like and how it functions. The more experience that the company has had with Magento projects across a range of business sectors the better! To view our recent projects please click here.2. Do they have sufficient Magento development resources?Does the company have the resource to build your site and the skilled personnel? You need to ask the question and also if they have back-up resources in case of an emergency. You do not want your project to be delayed due to insufficient resources. It is good practice to always ask who will be working on your project and to gain an understanding how the team communicate between each other. Make sure you are introduced to your project manager and the developers that will be working on your project, after all, your business does depend on the project!homepagebanner2

3. Is there an effective communication mechanism?

Communication is key and essential to your project. You should be in constant contact with at least one member of the agency at all times. You should also make sure you are introduced to every member of the team that will be working on your project, although do accept that it is likely that you will have constant communication with just one member. You will need to make sure that the communication comes through various channels:

•    Initial face to face meetings so you are comfortable that the project manager understands your project and your business •    Audio and video conferencing, especially if face to face meetings are not possible •    Instant chat tools i.e. Skype. Instant messaging is an effective way for a quick questions and answer conversation. •    Project Management application – some agencies will use a piece of software for file sharing and time keeping. Different tasks will be displayed and you, as the client will be able to log in and see how your project is progressing candy kittens shop

4. Are they providing post-development support?

Post-development support is vital for every website project, not just ecommerce website projects! Your agency must make sure that all bugs and testing have been carried out and resolved by the time they make your Magento ecommerce site live. Every agency should also have support after your website has gone live, if the site has any technical or development issue you need to ensure that they will fix the problems as soon as possible. If not, this could affect your business and sales. Post-development website support is normally required as you may want to look at improving the performance, efficiency and reliability of your Magento ecommerce website. You may also start to look at integrating the website with other features, functionalities and applications. In addition, you will also need to help in managing the back-end system of your website, most agencies will offer training sessions whether this be online or over the telephone this kind of support is essential so make sure it is included within your project.yankee shop

5. Do they have relevant customer references?

You must ensure that you are provided with references of past customers that have been built an Magento ecommerce website. It is likely that these references might be added to their websites and you should be able to view the case study and end result. It will be helpful for you to receive the customer testimonials and do even go as far as contacting the businesses to receive direct feedback for the services that the agency provided them with.

"As a start up business we found Impression DP to be great value for money and have enabled our ecommerce operation to get up and running with a Magento platform. Also carrying out our brand design, it was exactly the style we've envisaged."

"After having some difficult past experiences with a number of other web development agencies, working with Impression DP has been a pleasure from day one and guided us through the whole process with ease."

A few good questions to ask past customers are: •    Did you receive good communication from the project manager throughout the process •    Was the project delivered on time and did they request any extra monies separate from the original specification or proposal? •    Was the project managed effectively? •    Why would you recommend this agency and would you use them again? To view our past case studies please click here: alphakin shop ConclusionBuilding an Magento ecommerce website will also be a project that takes time and technical expertise. You need to ensure that you have chosen the right agency for you. It is important that you are happy with the people building your Magento website, you are relying on them to turn your money into a successful website that will in turn make your business successful. The agency that you choose must understand your business and you have to be willing to trust them to provide you with an end result that will benefit you and your business and in turn increase conversion rates. If you would like to speak with a member of the team at Impression DP about your Ecommerce project, or if you have any questions regarding your business or existing ecommerce website please contact us on the below 0333 5775 300

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