A new look for Impression

Around 6 months ago we got together and seriously took a look at our online presence compared to the standard of new work we were producing, the general consensus was that the digital world has evolved rapidly over the past 12 months and our own agency website just wasn’t cutting the mustard anymore.

As an agency who are really pushing digital innovation, it no longer ticked the right boxes or best represented us or our work anymore. So we have worked hard to produce Impression 2.0! A much cleaner, less is more approach with a great platform to now showcase our case studies. This was a huge motivating factor for us to re-design and build the site, we wanted to really tell a story and delve deep into the projects we have completed. So that any prospective client can really see the amount of effort and insight we put into every project, as well as understanding the logic behind any choices we made along the way.

Adam built this with a whole host of new features we are now implementing on all of our builds as standard, and we could not be more pleased with the result. Below are just a few of the new features we are now rocking:

Flexbox - Latest industry standard code for responsive layouts
AWS - For rapid page load speed
Varnish - Form of server-side image compression software
Minification and website caching
Animated SVGs

All this combined with the photography talent of Mr Sean Knott, puts Impression at the forefront of web design and digital innovation across Yorkshire. 2017 promises to be another big year for the agency and we all can’t wait to have a bit of a break and come back ready for work.

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